The Best DSLR Camera

If you have decided to go for a DSLR Camera, there are many brands and models available to choose from.

We have listed out some of them with their reviews:

Canon EOS 5DS: Some of the features of this camera are a full frame sensor, full frame CMOS, 50.6 megapixels, autofocus of 61-point AF, 41 Cross type, 3.2 inch screen, 1,040,000 dots, 5fps of maximum continuous shooting speed.  This camera is definitely meant for experts. The Canon EOS 5DS is known for its great resolving power, handling huge files, best lenses and at the same time not being very expensive. This camera has a fantastic image quality with detail at the same time makes very less sound. However there is no Wi-Fi and ultra HD video recording in this camera. Even then 5DS beats all the other cameras in the market.

Nikon D3300: This is a basic camera but at the same time amazing for its features. With its APS-C CMOS sensors, 24.2 megapixels, 11-point AF autofocus, 3.0 inch screen, 921,000 dots, 5fps of maximum continuous shooting speed, this camera will be great for you, if you are a beginner. Here is some Review of Nikon DSLR D3300 – 2017.  This camera definitely offers value for money with basic external controls. Some hands might feel that it is a bit small for them. However, even with this, we can say that it is as advanced camera just as good as any other expensive ones in the market.

Pentax K-1: This camera has a full frame CMOS, 36 megapixels, 33-point Autofocus, 3.2-inch tilting Screen, 1,037,000 dots  and 4.4fps Maximum continuous shooting speed. Pentax K-1 which are all great for expert or enthusiastic photographers. And here is The Pentax K1 review !!! Most of the customers feel that it is a competitive camera but has a slow AF system. Pentax K-1 definitely is not a cheap Pentax full frame DSLR in USA!
It is not necessarily less priced but it offers a strong built and a full frame sensor. It can be definitely compared with Nikon D810, Canon 5D Mark III and Sony Alpha 7R II. If you are a landscape photographer or even if you shoot still life or portraits you will surely like this camera.


Nikon D500: Is one of the best DSLRs available with a APS-C CMOS sensor:, 20.9MP megapixels,153-point AF, 99 cross-type autofocus,  3.2-inch tilting touch screen with 2,359,000 dots and 10fps maximum continuous shooting speed. This camera is perfect for expert photographers. D500 has a strong body with great features. Nikon D500 can shoot at a rapid 10fps so it is probably the best camera for fast action sports and wildlife photography.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i / Canon EOS 750D: This camera not only has great sensor but fantastic ergonomics as well. With its APS-C CMOS sensors, 24.2MP megapixels, 19-point AF, 19 cross-type autofocus, 3-inch articulating touch screen with 1,040,000 dots, 5fps continuous shooting speed, this can be a great camera for beginners as well as enthusiasts. It has very impressive features at a competitive price. You could find it a bit more expensive than the D3300 but you also can get a much better camera in this case. With its 24.2 megapixel sensor, you will also get better image quality, high ISO sensitivity and better autofocus exposure metering system than the earlier 700D. Besides it also has a built-in Wi-Fi and dated menu system.

So, now that you know the best of the DSLR cameras available, you can choose the one depending on your need and your expertise.