Legal Weapons For Women

Men are not the only ones who excels in gun practice and shooting. Gone are the days when men were the best and only hunters. These days, women do not hesitate to do anything and everything. They are the ones who have got talent in everything. Shooting is no less for them. Women from various backgrounds use guns these days. What would be the necessity for them to use a gun and what would be the best gun for them to use? Let us look at it more in detail.

Women these days feel very responsible in protecting themselves and their family. They feel secured by having some legal weapons with them. No one knows how and when a burglary would happen. Women are the ones who need more safety. If a woman is living all alone with her sons and daughters, then the security becomes more and more important.

Pink is the word that would strike you when you think about her favourite colour. But this is not so in case of guns. One cannot have different shades in gun but can properly select one that is comfortable for them.

Most of you would have insured your house and car. Gun can be called as a similar insurance. It is insurance to self or life. There are certain points that have to be considered while selecting one for women.

* Smaller the best: Women hands are smaller than that of men. So she may need a handgun that fits her hand. This is very important factor that has to be considered. A person could aim and shoot properly only when it fits them properly.

* Weight is the other factor that has to be considered. It would be better for a woman to handle a light weight pistol rather than trying a shot with the heavier one.

* Purpose: one may need a gun for different purposes. If one likes to have it only for home defence, then portability is not an issue. One can also have a large framed gun for home as long it fits the woman’s hand.

Some of the self defence guns for women are

* Ruger LC9: This is the best self defence gun for women. It uses 7 round magazine hence it is very slim and compact. It is very easy to control which makes it very much suitable for women.

* Glock 19 Gen4: It is a compact 9mm pistol which is best for women. It is best for people with small hands. Additionally adjustable grip is one of the glock 19 gen 4 accessories which can be adjusted to the size of the shooter.

* Sig Sauer P238: It is one of the guns from 1911 family and has a metal frame. Many are fans of 1911 guns. If you are also a woman who is interested in it, then you can go for it. Do not forget to check the sig Sauer p238 price and review before going for it. Similarly check for sig Sauer p226 price and review before opting for it.

Ruger LC9, Glock 19 are also some of the 9mm guns. Apart from Ruger and glock you can also buy corbon which is another brand for gun.

Thus there are many guns which are suitable for women no matter they just want to safeguard their house or they are part of law enforcement agencies.