Unleash The Beast In You With The Best Survivalist Knife

Are you already familiar with what a Survivalist Knife is? Even if you haven’t, it is not hard to guess what it could be as the name is self-explanatory. Nevertheless, if you still want to know what they are really used for, then I can tell you that they are simply great knives that help you in a survival situation.

As with any survival situation, you only want the best and the most reliable knife to handle any situation confidently.

Types of knives

Knives that are used in a survival situation come in many different styles and types. Each one of them can be useful in a particular task, though most of them can be used for most activities. Accordingly, they are known by different names such as hunting knives, tactical knives etc. Here is a quick look at what makes them different.

1. Tactical knives

Though tactical knives were traditionally used for military purposes, now you can get them for your outdoor use. As they need to be used on the go, they are lighter and usually have longer blades. They are best suited for combat situations and can also be used for a variety of other situations.

These are easy to carry around and are available in both foldable and fixed blade versions. You can choose them based on how much convenience you want while on the go. With foldable versions, those with a thumb stud and a one finger open option are very popular due to their ease of use and carry.

2. Hunting knives

If you are into game hunting, then a hunting knife will be your best choice. These are usually fixed blade knives and are much heavier than tactical knives. As you will be doing activities like skinning, slicing and dicing, the blades are specifically designed for them. Also a portion of the blade comes serrated so that you can use them for cutting tough things like a branch.

The best knive for hunting: Gerber lmf

If you are looking for a multipurpose survival knife that is great for hunting, then it has to be the Gerber LMF. Here is a quick look at the features of this knife.


* 10 inch serrated knife to cut through a variety of materials

* Physically separated tang and butt cap to prevent electric shock and absorb hammering shock

* Durable stainless steel blades

* A pointed buttcap made of stainless steel that is strong enough to even break glass in an emergency situation

* A sheath with a built-in sharpener to keep your knife sharp at all times

Want more options?

The Gerber LMF is a great survival knife, but if you want a more convenient option, then a pocket knife might be better for you. You can find a great option at https://www.classicgunsandknives.com/tactical-knives/spyderco-gayle-bradley/ which gives you an in-depth feature by feature analysis.

You can also find some other top rated pocket knives in the same website. If you want to look for ones with customer reviews then you should look for the Pocket knives Amazon has to offer. You are sure to find one that fits your bill.

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