Talent Management Policy

Our talent management policy is aligned with our strategic goals and objectives.

The core objectives of OGK-1 talent management policy are as follows:

  • Create and provide environment helping to foster, develop and maintain optimal talent required to address our challenges as defined in our corporate strategy.
  • Ensure appropriate work-life balance for our employees.
  • Continuously improve talent management methodology following the latest trends in this area as applied to individual features and standards of our company.

Talent management principles

  • Objectivity: When we design our talent management policy, we follow an objective and comprehensive approach reflecting reality and achievable goals.
  • Flexibility: We want our principles to be applicable regardless of fast-paced organizational, economical or external changes we may face.
  • Alignment of approaches to talent management with our financial and operational performance.
  • Versatility: We want to have tools at hand to address a wide range of production, professional and social objectives.
  • Performance-based rewards.
  • Obligation of every employee regardless of role and job title to comply with talent management policy principles and corporate and professional ethics as required by internal regulations.
  • Accessibility and transparency of information pertaining to talent management.
  • Accountability of managers at all levels for professional development of their subordinates.
  • Availability of opportunity for full development of their potential to every employee.
  • Succession. We mush retain our talent management principles in the long term regardless of fast-paced organizational, economical or external changes we may face.

In implementation of our talent management policy, we are committed to continuous development of new competencies and professional growth of our employees. Our management works on a broad agenda in this area with external parties and our internal resources. We actively use innovative training methodologies. We have a very popular portal where we offer distance training for the following courses:

  • Efficient meetings
  • Efficient delegation
  • Introduction to budgeting
  • Introduction to time management
  • Efficient presentations
  • Information security awareness for employees

As a part of our production and technology training, we successfully use a number of highly efficient operations staff trainings including annual contests of operations staff and professional skill competitions.

All our power stations have training centers with computerized training rooms. Perm TPS and Iriklinskaya TPS have training equipment for operations staff.

In addition to internal talent management efforts, we also work with colleges extensively by providing industry-specific coursework and offering opportunities for internship and graduation assignments.

A core component of our effort to attract and retain top experts and managers is our social benefits and employee support program. Our Collective Agreement includes a wide range of employee allowances and benefits. We offer private health insurance covering treatment and care at the top healthcare facilities. We provide free health resort packages for employees who need them. We perform annual check-ups of employees working in hazardous environment.


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