The First Generating Company of Wholesale Electricity Market (OGK-1) is one of the largest generators of heat and electricity created in the course of Russian electric power industry reform. Besides generating heat and electricity, our core businesses include selling and delivering energy to consumers.

OGK-1 has the following subsidiaries: Perm TPS, Verkhny Tagil TPS, Kashira TPS, Urengoy TPS, Iriklinskaya TPS and two operational power generating units of Nizhnevartovsk TPS. Our power generating assets are located in regions with shortage of electricity and high consumption growth within unified energy systems of Urals and Central Federal Districts of Russia. They are primarily fueled by natural gas, which represents approximately 91% of our fuel portfolio. With combined installed capacity of 9861 MW, OGK-1 generates more than 52 million kWh of electricity per year.

Common registered shares of OGK-1 are listed on MICEX-RTS as OGKA (Quotation List A, 1st Level).

To facilitate further business development and increase in generation, our experts create designs and estimates and conduct a wide range of research and development projects. OGK-1 contributes to environmental protection through its commitment to compliance with environmental regulations and development of efficient and safe energy-saving technologies and alternative energy sources. Our strategic targets include securing continued leadership on Russian energy market, increasing of energy output, improving performance and internal potential, and increasing shareholder value.

Key financial indicators

Financial indicators (IFRS)





Revenue, million RUB 44 891 49 898 49 292 56 758
Profit from continuing operations, million RUB 2 965 2 649 2 975 5 376
Profit before tax, million RUB 2 748 3 277 3 936 4 509
Profit in reporting period, million RUB 1 966 2 816 3 129 3 493

Financial performance data for 2008-2010 includes Nizhnevartovsk TPP
* less 4,641 million rubles of income from sale of share in NVGRES Holding Ltd.


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