Our strategy is focused on optimizing distribution of available financial resources and ensuring maximum technological innovation in order to secure reliable supply of heat and electricity.

To improve operational and financial performance, we are trying to pursue efficient sales policy, optimize our pricing, enter system services market, and reduce our cost base.

To ensure efficient implementation of this policy, we launched a series of initiatives in a number of areas:

Electricity generation:

  • Reduce equivalent fuel consumption

    We work on deploying an equipment lineup and load optimization system, increasing efficiency of power generating units, reducing internal energy consumption, upgrading commercial fuel usage and power delivery meters.


  • Maintain availability of equipment for power generation

    OGK-1 works on transition to planned repair and maintenance from formal schedule of repairs on a need-driven basis where appropriate and permitted by industry regulations. These activities will also help us address other important challenges, in particular to increase equipment availability for power generation from 84.5% to 85.8%, and to improve workflow reliability by keeping process breakdowns and damage from them within acceptable limits.


  • Ensure safety and protection of the environment

    We are committed to reducing atmospheric emissions, minimizing our impact on water bodies and reducing amount of gold mine tailings.


Electricity sales:
  • Maximize profit margin on free and regulated electricity market

    We develop a balanced portfolio of accounts with open bilateral energy and power supply agreements, design individual offerings for each customer segment, develop our analytical businesses, automate sales management processes and expand geography of our sales to maximize our profit and diversify our risks.


  • Receive full payments for energy and power sold via regulated agreements and streamline sales process to improve overall efficiency

    We established individual payee accounts, introduced claim management process and develop consumer-specific individual debt settlement frameworks.


  • Invest in additional installed capacity

    One of the objectives of Russian energy industry reform was to attract private capital to finance upgrades of core generating equipment at existing power plants and to build new generating facilities. OGK-1 works on bringing external financing to investment program.


Financial activities:
  • Support strong financial position of the business

    Our financial policy is focused on maintaining balanced debt to equity ratio, ensuring sufficient liquidity and maintaining attained credit ratings, debt/EBITDA ratio and optimal capital structure.


Corporate governance:
  • Improve standard of corporate governance

    We are committed to protecting rights of all shareholder groups, developing corporate governance structure, improving internal audit and risk management systems and disclosure procedures, and reinforcing control of insider trading.



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